Random Acts of Repair FAQs

Below are some common questions we’re asked about nominating someone for a Random Act of Repair. For full details on the program, please visit the main Random Acts of Repair page. To submit a nomination, please visit the Nomination page.

In what areas do you accept nominations?

We accept nominations for Random Acts of Repair throughout the eastern Tampa Bay area, including Fishhawk Ranch, Brandon, Valrico, Riverview, Wimauma, Dover, Plant City, and nearby towns. Specifically, we service the following zip codes: 33572, 33503, 33508, 33509, 33510, 33511, 33527, 33530, 33534, 33547, 33550, 33563, 33564, 33565, 33566, 33567, 33568, 33569, 33578, 33579, 33570, 33575, 33583, 33584, 33586, 33571, 33573, 33587, 33594, 33595, 33596, 33598. Unfortunately, we are not currently able to serve nominees outside of these areas.

What kind of nominees do you accept?

Nominees must be homeowners within our service area and unable to complete or pay for the necessary repairs themselves. This might be a senior citizen, a military family, an individual or family experiencing a medical emergency, or a number of other situations.

Do you share personal information I’ve provided about the person I’m nominating?

No, absolutely not. While we love to capture the repair project itself on video (only the home repair, not the people), even this is not a requirement. We share repairs to help others learn, but will only do so if the nominee is comfortable. For example, if we’re replacing a broken stair tread, we might film only the area where the stairs are, not showing any private portions of the nominee’s home. People love to hear stories of those who have been helped, but again, this is at the discretion of the nominee only. For example, we could share that we helped a military family in Fishhawk Ranch repair safety issues on their back porch, but not that we helped Susan Smith unless Susan is comfortable with us doing so.

What does Random Acts of Repair cover?

When we select a nominee to serve, we provide up to 8 hours of a handyman team on-site to help repair their home. We provide the labor, skills and knowledge to complete the repair. Many repairs need additional supplies, parts or materials as well, and depending on the situation we may ask the nominee to cover these costs, we may be able to find a sponsor to cover the costs, or the person nominating them for Random Acts of Repair may be willing to assist with these costs.

When will the work be scheduled?

At the end of each nomination period, we select a nominee and reach out to both the nominee and the person who nominated them to schedule the work. Most often, we are able to schedule the work within 2 weeks of the nomination deadline, but this may vary based on our team’s schedule and the nominee’s schedule.